Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between listing agent and selljng agent.

Listing agent is the agent with sole mandate, WhIle selling agent is agent with the buyer.

What kind of financing options are available.

Buyers have options of buying with bank finance known as Bond finance or mortgage loan or Buying with

What kind of legal regulatory issue should I be aware of when buying or selling property?

1. Property Title

2. Disclosure

3. Contracts: such as sale agreement/offer to purchase

4. Zoning Laws

5. Property Taxes and Assessments

It’s always recommended that you work with a qualified real estate agent to help guide you

What are the steps involved in buying or selling a property

Knowing your affordability,interested area,viewing couple of properties as a buyer.
As seller knowing the value of your property, setting a reasonable mark up price.

What are the potential risks and rewards of investing in real estate.

Benefis include
1. Potential for Long-term Capital Appreciation
2.Steady Cash Flow
3.Tax Benefits
4. Hedge Against Inflation.

Risks include
1. Economic Downturns
2. Market Saturation
3. Unexpected Expenses:
4. Management Difficulties

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